Arfurla laser with 1470nm for Dental function and Teeth whitening

Product Description

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. During a procedure, the laser will emit light energy in

a narrow, concentrated beam. This light produces a reaction when it hits tissue, allowing it to remove or shape tissue





Working Principle


Advantage of dental lasers:
The dental lasers from Arfurla laser is the most reasonable but advanced laser available for soft tissue dental applications,
the special wavelength has high absorption in water and haemoglobin combines precise cutting properties with immediate
coagulation. With CW and Pulse Mode, it can cut the soft tissue very fast and smoothly with less blood and less pain than
ordinary dental surgery device. Aside from an application in soft tissue surgery, it is also used for other treatments such as
decontamination, biostimulation and tooth whitening.
The described effect on the tissue is achieved by means of an indication specific combination of wavelengths – for instance,
a wavelength of 1470 nm produces the optimum conditions for efficient vaporization of the fat tissue and for tightening the
overlying connective tissue. Coagulation of the blood vessels, on the other hand, is achieved by using a complementary
wavelength of 980 nm.


Applications on dental laser:

In hard tissue application, the laser is used for caries prevention, bleaching, restorative removal and curing, cavity

preparation, dentinal hypersensitivity, growth modulation and for diagnostic purposes, whereas soft tissue application

includes wound healing, removal of hyperplastic tissue to uncovering of impacted or partially erupted tooth,

photodynamic therapy for malignancies, photostimulation of herpetic lesion. Use of the laser proved to be an

effective tool to increase efficiency, specificity, ease, and cost and comfort of the dental treatment.



Applications of dental laser:

Removing tissue around an exposed wisdom tooth 

Reshaping gum tissue 

Removing and reshaping bone and gum tissue during crown lengthening procedures Removing inflamed gum tissue 

Removing muscle attachments that restrict tongue or lip movement Accelerating in-office tooth whitening procedures 

Reducing the discomfort from cold sores and cankers Removing small amounts of tooth enamel Preparing tooth enamel for composite bonding 

Repairing certain worn-down filling



Advantages of the minimally invasive procedure:
Less and Sometimes No Blood Loss for Surgery
Optical coagulation:
Seal blood vessels without thermal cauterization or carbonization Cut and coagulate precisely at same time
Avoid collateral tissue damage , increase tissue-protecting surgery
Minimize post-operative inflammation and discomfort
Controlled depth of laser penetration accelerated patient healing
Increase patient turnover rates with more efficient laser procedures
Reduce patient discomfort and the need for anesthetic
Effective Treatment of Oral Therapy Sensitivity is Detected On Time



Beam Transmission

Biquartz optical fiber transmission

Operation mode

Pulse, CW, Single



Disable Control

Emergency Stop Button





Pulse Duration


Repetition Rate


Pilot Beam

Red Diode Laser of 635nm, Power<5mW

Control mode

True color Touch Screen

Transmission System

Fibers of 400um and 600um with SMA 905Connector

Power Accuracy



2 years

Power requirement

AC120V±22V,60HZ±1HZ/AC230V±22V, 50HZ±1HZ



Screen Operation system:

10 in 1



Benfits of dental laser:

  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced pain
  • Faster healing period
  • Less damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Reduced chance of infection



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