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360° RADIAL TIP FIBER produced by Arfurla applies energy faster and more accurately than any other fiber type in the endovenous market. FIBER (360°) used with SWING LASER ensures energy emission that guarantees homogenous photothermal destruction of the vein wall, allowing safe closure of the vein. By avoiding perforation of the vein wall and associated thermal irritation of the surrounding tissue, intra- and post-operative pain is minimized, as are echymosis and other side-effects.

RADIAL FIBER provides simple and safe control and positioning of the fiber thanks to the excellent ultrasound visibility of the distal end of the fiber. RADIAL FIBER is equipped with safety markings for optimal control of the pullback process.



When combined with the 980nm/1470 mm laser source, this laser fiber that emits at 360° affords the ideal endovenous thermal ablation.
It is therefore possible to gently and evenly introduce the laser energy into the lumen of the vein and ensure the closure of the vein based
on photothermal destruction (at temperatures between 100 and 120°C). Perforation of the vein wall (as in the case of the conventional bare tip fibre)
and the associated thermal irritation of the surrounding tissue are prevented, thereby minimizing postoperative pain, ecchymosis, and other side effects.
The 360 Radial fiber (atraumatic fiber tip) is guided directly into the vein via a short introducer. Thanks to excellent visibility in ultrasound,
the fiber tip can be optimally monitored and placed. Various publications have described the superiority of the Radial concept over the old generation of fibres.



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