Arfurla1470nm Diode Laser Non-Invasive Laseev Solution For Vaginal Tightening And Stress Urinary Incontinence Reduction


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Working theory : Class iv diode laser

Like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers which give it strength and flexibility. Cosmetic Gynecology uses breakthrough diode laser technology to gently heat vaginal tissue, contracting existing fibers and stimulating the formation of new collagen.

This improves the functionality of the entire vaginal area normalizing blood flow, increasing lubrication, boosting immune resistance and restoring the strength and elasticity of the vaginal walls.

The Arfurla 1470 nm emits a water-specific laser beam which passes perfectly through the vein structure. As a result, only a target area gets affected.

In this technique, the Arfurla 1470 nm targets the vaginal mucosa. The wavelength of 1470 nm when combined with the controlled radial emission from the laser handpiece has a bio-modulating effect that :

• Stimulates neo-collagenesis

• Regenerates the epithelium and the connective tissue

• Rejuvenates the mucosa by restoring firmness, flexibility and hydration

• Stops urinary incontinence restoring the body to normal function

A surgical laser diode like the Arfurla1470 nm ensures deeper penetration of the laser to target the mucosa, therefore avoiding an ablative thermal injury to the surrounding tissue. With features like an ergonomic handpiece design and circular emission of the radiation, the radial fibre of the Arfurla 1470 nm allows for even treatment to all the targeted tissue in the vaginal walls in a painless manner.



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What is a LVR?

The LVR is a Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser Treatment. The Laser main implications include : to correct/imporve stress urinary incontinence. Other symptoms to be treated include: vaginal dryness, burning, irritation, dryness and the sensation of pain and/oritching during sexual intercourse.

In this treatment, a diode laser is used to emit an infrared light that penetrates the deeper tissues, without altering the superficial tissue. The treatment is non-ablative, therefore absolutely safe. The resultis toned tissue and a thickening of the vaginal mucosa.

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Laser treatment at 1470 nm is a minimally invasive, innovative and revolutionary solution in the treatment of loss of tone in the vaginal mucosa.

Vaginal rejuvenation: visible effects without surgery
Vaginal rejuvenation is to be differentiated from vaginoplasty, which is a surgical operation to strengthen the anatomy of the vagina and perineum.

Vaginal rejuvenation consists of the use of a 1470 nm laser that will treat the inside of the vagina by stimulating the production of collagen and regenerating the epithelium and connective tissue.

This method is based on the insertion of a probe that emits a ring of laser light to treat the inside of the vaginal area. The heat of the laser energy, distributed homogeneously and radially, will then act on the renewal of the intimate cells, without causing ablative thermal damage.

A handpiece integrating our radial emission probe
The handpiece associated with the laser integrates the radial emission fiber optic probe. The circular emission is focused by the handpiece allowing a painless treatment for the patients and offering the doctor the absolute certainty of the correct energy dosage of the laser source on all the internal walls of the vagina.



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Main advantages

Vaginal rejuvenation with fiber optic probes.
Use the properties of light to achieve the rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa.
Minimally invasive treatment that requires the insertion of the probe inside the vagina
target the vaginal mucosa without causing an ablative thermal injury

1. Non-ablative, stimulating collagen vaginal remodeling pain free precedure
2. Lumch break procedure at the Gynecology clinic(10-15min)
3. 360 scanning scope,easy to perfomm,and safe procedure
4. Efficient and long lasting results.
5. No need for anesthetics with Non-invasive
6. Improves vaginal dvness and stress uuinary in continence
7. Usually 3-5 sessions are recommended. No special pre-op preparation or post-op precautions are necessary. Each involves the application ofheat inside and around the vaginal opening to tighten skin and mucosa(moise intra vagina skin). Patients can immediately retumn to their nommal everyday






radial bare fiber



Screen Operation System

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Technical parameters

Laser type

Diode Laser 980nm (Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide )


Biquartz optical fiber transmission


1470nm/980nm Diode Laser(810nm/1064nm for option)

Output power


Laser type

Pulse,CW, Single

Pulse width

0-1s (stepping 0.05s)

Pulse duration

0-1s (stepping 0.05s)



Fiber interface

SMA905 international standard interface,special quartz fiber laser conduction

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Arfurla 980nm Laser Pain Relief Physical Therapy Machine Portable Laser Therapy Device



Arfurla 980nm Laser Pain Relief Physical Therapy Machine Portable Laser Therapy Device


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