Laser hair removal theory:

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photo thermodynamics. Through a reasonable adjustment of laser wavelength, energy, and pulse width, the laser can penetrate the skin surface and reach the root hair follicle of the hair. Light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue. As a result, the hair loses its regenerative ability without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The pain is slight. Laser hair removal utilizes the selective photo thermal effect of the laser, and laser light adjusted to a specific wavelength penetrates the epidermis and directly shines on the hair follicle. The melanin of the hair follicle and hair shaft selectively absorbs light energy, and the resulting thermal effect necroses the hair follicle and the hair no longer grows. The effects of laser hair removal The process of endothermic necrosis of hair follicles is irreversible. Therefore, laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal.

Influence by hair:

  1. hair is divided into three periods, namely the growth period, retrogression, stationary phase, the energy emitted by the laser instrument can only destroy the growing period of hair follicles, there is no obvious effect on the retrograde, stationary hair, only when the hair turns After the growth period, the laser can work, so the laser hair removal needs multiple treatments and the effect is obvious.
  2. If the proportion of hair in a certain area is small, the number of treatments should be increased. On the contrary, the number of treatments can be reduced.
  3. Based on different parts of the hair have different growth cycles, each treatment interval is also different. If the head hair has a relatively short quiescent period, the interval time can be as short as 1 month; the hair and quiescence of the trunk and limbs are relatively long, so the treatment interval is appropriate around February.If the hair follicle density is too high at a certain site, the laser energy should be reduced appropriately during treatment.

Treatment times:

Laser hair removal only needs to be based on the individual’s specific conditions. After multiple treatments, it can achieve permanent hair removal. The specific number of cures is related to many factors such as skin and hair type. In general, laser permanent hair removal takes 3-5 times, and some people even have more.