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What is lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is a body-contouring procedure that uses heat from laser devices to destroy fat cells.

Laser lipolysis (or laser lipo, for short) is a body-sculpting treatment that uses heat from light-based

technology to melt fatcells.

It’s intended mainly to remove body fat that’s difficult to lose through diet or exercise, such as:
* saddlebags (fat deposits on the upper outer thighs)
* love handles (belly fat around the torso)
* double chins

It is also a skin tightening and fat reduction treatment, targeting sagging skin along the
lower jawline, abdominal skin laxity, cellulite on the buttocks and Inner thigh and arm
(bingo wings) skin tightening and fat melting.
With this procedure, there are no incisions and there’s no suction.
1. The doctor marks those areas of your body they’re going to treat.
2. You lie on a bed and the doctor fits the special applicator to your skin.
3. During the first few minutes of the treatment, you’ll feel a cooling sensation that helps keep
your skin comfortable throughout the process.
4. After that, you’ll feel alternating warm and cool sensations as the laser begins to destroy your fat cells.
This will continue until the treatment is complete.

Working Theory:

Using specific wavelength 980nm/1470nm laser to break the cytoderm of adipocyte, then formed holes

in the cytoderm, which makes cytoplasm outflow, body fats turns to be liquid form, by using the patented

technical treatment head to discharge the fat cells out of patients body. The wound is only 2mm, which

invisible after healing, finally reach the goal of weight loss.

Besides, the lasers stimulate the collagen, which also can reach the goal of skin tightening, wrinkle removal. 

Laser Lipolys is use specific wavelength laser to break up cell wall of fat cells, formed holes in cell wall make

cytoplasm outflow, then use the patented thin needle to draw the cytoplasm out of the body, or out of the body

through the lymphatic system. 

Compared traditional liposuction machines with vibration, laser lipolysis is of short time operation, little injury,

few bleeding, and patients will not be creative of fear by liposuction. The training on how to remove the fat

properly with right direction


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AFL-980 is indicated in a wide range of applications to redefine both face and body contour. 

  • Body and facial remodeling with minimally invasive technique
  • Laser assisted liposuction
  • Correction of asymmetries 

procedure involves inserting a small cannula with a laser fiber through a small incision on the skin. This

cannula is kept in constant motion allowing the fiber to deliver laser energy to adipose tissue. 

The 980nm diode laser acts by thermal effect, generating heat that damages the cell membrane of the adipocyte.

Laser energy causes rupture of the adipocyte, liquefaction of the fatty tissue and coagulation of the collagen fiber.

At the same time, the thermal effect coagulates small blood vessels, remodels collagen and promotes skin

retraction (skin tightening).


Laser lipolysis benefits over traditional liposuction. 

1. Less trauma  2. Shorter procedure time  3. Less scarring 4. Less downtime 5. Effective fat removal

6. Skin-tightening  7. Fewer risks and complications 

Recovery from Laser Lipolysis

After laser lipolysis, patients can often return to work and other regular activities the next day. The positive

effects of the procedure are immediately apparent, and the treated area, as it heals, continues to improve

for several months. As with conventional liposuction, results of laser lipolysis are considered permanent

unless a significant amount of weight is gained after treatment.


Benefits of Laser Lipolysis:

1. Reduces cellulite 2. Body contouring 3. Aids weight loss 4. General reduction of waist, abdomen, and buttocks

5. Stimulates the metabolism 6.Promotes lymphatic drainage 7.Stimulates the production of collagen,

resulting in smoother, firmer, more taut skin 


Laser lipolysis function handles and fiber:

We have new liposuction handpiece with blue color and 5 needles a set.

We also have another new lipolysis handle that can combine the fat melting and suction together,

makeing them working at the same time. 

please contact us to get the detailed information. 



Before you receive the laser, you will receive:

Using Manual, Suggested paramters (All those parameters are offered by our professional doctors who have

already got the best treatment resulst), How to protect the laser fiber, how to sterilize the handle and fiber,

and so on. 

Also with all handles, fibers detailed install videos and treatment videos. 

If you have any questions, please contact us to get more details:

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Diode Laser System

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Technical parameters:

Laser type Diode Laser 980nm/1470nm (Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide )
Beam Biquartz optical fiber transmission
Wavelength 980nm/1470nm/980+1470 Diode Laser
Output power 1-30W
Laser type Pulse,CW, Single
Pulse width 0-1s (stepping 0.05s)
Pulse duration 0-1s (stepping 0.05s)
Frequency 1-20Hz
Fiber 400um/600um/800um, 3m/400um is the standard type
Fiber interface SMA905 international standard interface,special quartz fiber laser conduction

Accessories Laser lipolysis:



Best Results after just one treatment time from customers


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Photos of the accessories, packages and lasers

Arfurla laser machine

 Laser Arfurla


Arfurla laser


Other functions for option:

980 1470  


Vascular Removal Function:

1, Vascular removal: Face, arms, legs and the whole body

2, Pigment lesions treatment: Speckle, age spots, sunburn, pigmentation

3, Benign proliferation: Skin excrescence: Milia, hybrid nevus, intradermal nevus, flat wart, fat granule

4, Vascular clearance, Vascular lesions

5, Leg Ulcers

6, Blood Spider clearance

7, Blood Clots

Toenail Fungus Removal Function:

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Paronychia treatment Home


Onychomycosis foot and nail fungal infections

Paronychia Green

Nail Syndrome Bacterial

Nail Fold Infection

Physiotherapy is a key function:

Relieve all kinds of pain on the whole body, inside or outside (Back pain, neck, shoulder pain)

Relieve the pain from the wound, injuries, after surgery, steriization and disinfection to recovery faster

and better ,repair after the surgery , Wound healing

All kinds of Anti-inflammatory ;Pulled muscle and sport injury

Osteoarthritis knee Lumbar spondylosis ;Cervical spondylosis Led sprains

Post trauma ;Frozen shoulder ;Plantor fasciitis ;Spondy lopathy

Soreness of waist ;Occupational disease ;Rheumatic disease

Tennis Elbow Low back strain ;Arthritic conditions

Carpal tunnel syndrome;Post surgical recovery

Bulging, fused or slipped discs Headaches, including the migraine


Our Services


1. Door to Door services by Air DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, you can get your machine within 3- 5 days.

2. 2 years free warranty, lifetime maintain, after you get your machine, you can see the User Manual,

Maintain Manual, Training CD, Guide you to operate the machine. 

3. Training, like Video, Manual, Online service, which can keep you operate it much more easily.

4. Professional guide, 24 hours online to offer professional customers service, engineers after sales

team for professional guide.

5. OEM&ODM service for distributors from all over the world.  


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