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How is laser surgery better than conventional surgery?

Laser surgery or laser therapy is a day-care procedure that offers several advantages over traditional surgery. Compared to banding surgery, laser effectively treats hemorrhoids, improves symptoms and reduces post-operative pain. Similar benefits are seen for patients with severe anal spasms, external thrombosis, fissure, and sentinel tags, fistula & varicose veins due to ever-growing advantages, namely:
· Less operation time, discharge within a few hours
· Back to routine life in 3-5 days
· Greater surgical precision
· Sutureless treatment with no scars
· Fastest recovery as there are no cuts or stitches
· Quick relief from the symptoms
· Less blood loss during surgery
· No or minimal post-operative pain
· Reduced risk of infection
· Reduced risk of rectal stenosis or prolapse
· Aesthetically the best procedures – helps as a confidence-booster for the patient.
· The anal sphincter action is well preserved, (no chances of incontinence fecal leak).
· Least recurrence rates
· Fewer doctor visits post-surgery
· High success rates
· No need for general anesthesia. Local or spinal anesthesia is applicable for this surgery



What are the anorectal diseases that require laser surgery?



Piles or hemorrhoids is excessive of arterial blood flow, causing dilations in the hemorrhoidal plexuses and, consequently congestion. Enlarged veins that are located at the junction of rectum and anus are known as Hemorrhoids, Mulvyadh or Bavasir.




Anorectal Fissures

An anal fissure is a small tear or a crack in the lining of the anus. Anal fissure may occur when passing hard or large stools causing pain and bleeding during bowel movements.




Anal Fistula


An anal fistula is a small, infected channel that can develop between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus. Most anal fistulas are the result of an infection in an anal gland that spreads to the skin.


Laser energy is delivered, via a radial emitting optical fiber, into the anal fistula tract and is used to thermally ablate and close off the abnormal pathway. The laser energy induces destruction of the fistula epithelium and simultaneous obliteration of the remaining fistula tract by a shrinkage effect. Laser energy is delivered via a designated optical fiber into the hemorrhoid pile and is used to thermally close off the veins nourishing the abnormal growth.
The laser energy induces destruction of the venous epithelium and simultaneous obliteration of the hemorrhoidal pile by a shrinkage effect.
In addition, the laser can be used for minimally invasive treatment of Pilonidal Sinus conditions, utilizing the same probe as for the Fistula cases, eliminating need for open surgery.
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