Project Description

Best price Laser tattoo removal Picosecond Q switched Nd  Yag laser 

Product Description


Spectra VRM: Powerful, Versatile, Reliable Q Switched ND:YAG Laser System

1. Non-ablative skin rejuvenation, tattoo and pigment removal, and laser toning.

2. There wavelengths, highest peak power, photoacoustic and photothermal modes.

3. Short, comfortable treatments deliver quick and effective results, rapid recovery.

4. Fast return on investment.

Key Advantages for Physicians

1. Easy to administer, simple to switch between wavelengths.

2. Customizable with a wide assortment of spot sizes, along with Quick Snap disposable tips that protect against cross-contamination.

3. Also able to treat dermal pigmented lesions such as nevus of Ota.

Key Advantages for Patients

1. Safe way to remove unwanted tattoos.

2. Effective treatment for dark tattoo inks (black, blue and green).

3. Dramatic results after several treatments.

Before and after photos

tattoo removal.jpg

Technical Parameter

Laser Type Solid State Q-Switched Nd: YAG
Wavelength 1064nm & 532nm&1320nm
Spot Size 1~6mm
Width of Pulse 10ns
Energy Power Output 400-999V
YAG Bar Size  ¢ 5
Repetition Rate 1-5Hz adjustable
Xenon Lamp size  65mm
Operation Interface 8” dual· colour LCD Screen
Cooling System Inner circulation water cooling
Dimension  37x 37 x 82cm (L*W*H)
Net Weight  114kg



1. Both two wavelength light for different color tattoo: 1064nm is for dark, blue, green tattoo and 532nm is for red, brown 

tattoo, 1320nm is for skin rejuvenation and for dark skin hair removal

2. Adjustable spot size an frequency

3. Stationary design

4. Powerful cooling system

vascular removal.png2.png

Trade Terms:

1. Payment: by T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram.

2. Delivery Time: 3-5 working days after getting the payment.

3. Transport: DHL Express

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