Project Description

980nm Liposuction

1. 980nm diode laser liposuction the most advanced technology in the market. Different wavelengths for option, like 980nm, 1470nm or 980nm+1470nm.
2. Steady output power guarantees the treatment result consistency and security.
3. Three working modes, CW Pulse, Pulse and Continue, guarantee more comfort and obvious results. The most Modes in the markets
4. Patented handle provides good epidermis protection
5. Top equipped spare parts provide long lifetime and steady treatment results.
6. 0.01-1s (stepping 0.05s)second duration, painless and comfortable.
7.If you have more request, please tell us our teams of engineers will try our best to help you.


Optical fiber dissolving grease is using the theory of plasma solar-thermal dissolve fat dissolve technology, through to uniform liquefied fat cells, when the body’s natural metabolism the liquefied fat out of the body.It only takes 20 minutes, compared with the traditional radio frequency, ultrasonic, laser technology, more secure, more quick, the effect is more obvious, at the same time, plasma thermal effect of light and reshape the effect of collagen, postoperative can strengthen skin elasticity, effectively solve the traditional bariatric surgery cannot improve sagging skin, relax, and other issues


Beam Transmission Biquartz optical fiber transmission
Laser Type Pulse , CW, Single
Wavelength 980nm/1470nm/1064nm/810nm
Power 1-30W/60W
Pulse width 0.01-1s (stepping 0.05s)
Pulse delay 0.01-1s (stepping 0.05s)
Pilot Beam Adjustable Red Diode Laser of 650nm
Fiber Diameter 400um fiber, 3M
Fiber connector SMA905 International Standard
Needles 100mm, 150mm,200mm, 250mm, 300mm
Five needles with different length for standard
Power requirement AC120V±22V,60HZ±1HZ/AC230V±22V, 50HZ±1HZ
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