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USA RF tube Fractional Co2 laser anti age laser/ rf laser tube co2/laser skin tightening machine



1.VRL system

Use an articulate arm probe with automatically 3600 rotation technology, producing in 50-70oC at a controlled depth inside the vaginal mucosa – stimulates collagen contraction, restructuring and regeneration; promotes collagen fiber proliferating, remodeling; improves vaginal mucosa microcirculation; increases cell secretion and dynamic reaction function; corrects PH value of vaginal inside; improves the inside environment; achieve female private parts to significant lasting firming, nourishing and restoring harmonious sexual life. 


2.Fractional system

Fractional ablative CO2 resurfacing delivers 10600nm laser in fractional manner into the skin while leaving the untreated surrounding areas intact. Laser creates microscopic thermal dot on surface and performs within tissues, offering improve skin tightening, age spots, fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks removal and vulva rejuvenation. The untreated tissue helps to accelerate the healing process and rejuvenate the skin by promoting microcirculation and new cell genesis.

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The machine has 3 systems: Fractional CO2, VRL and CO2, can satisfy all needs, very excellent investment


Safe treatment:

Totally safe, and tested by hundreds of women in the world; the ideal wavelength is absorbed by the mucous membrane micron, to avoid any thermal damage by deep tissue or organ


Fast treatment:

Each treatment less than 30 minutes and 1-3 times treatment can completely solve the vaginal problems


Effective treatment:

Effective for all women who have the loosen vaginal; and effective prevention of gynecological inflammation


Painless treatment:

The patients only can feel warm/hot inside, cannot feel any pain

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Tighten vagina –Fast tightening, lasting constriction, tightness to improve 60%;

Clean the vagina – Deep anti-aging, young level to improve 80%;

Moist vagina – Improving secretion, moisture level to improve 80%;

Pink vagina – Vulva rejuvenation, lighten pigment and pinks labia parts, delicate degree to improve 70%


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Laser’s wavelength 10600nm Graphic area <=20mm*20mm
Pulse output energy density 0.1mJ-300mJ /point  Diameter of focal spot ≤0.1mm(FFLS) or ≤0.2mm(HFLS)
Output figure Square,Triangle, Hexagon, Circle, Oval, Rectangle Scanning speed >10m/S(Adjustable)
Spot spacing 0.1-2.0mm Scan mode switching;order,disorder,parallel
Operating voltage AC220V,110V±10%,50HZ Refrigeration system Air + Water Cooling
output power <=30W Optical system 7 articulated arms
output mode Single point, Continuous, super pulse, dot matrix  




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Co 2 laser machine Application:
Technology specification of co2 medical laser machine: Applications of co2 medical laser machine:
1.Remove acne, acne scar, scar and so on;
2.Dispel wrinkle around the eyes, crow’ s-feet, and wrinkle formed by lack of wate;
3.Effectively reduce the wrinkle on the face, forehead, the joints and striae gravidarum;
4.Dispel freckle, nevus zygomaticus and other spots formed by hyperchromic pathological changes;
5.Tighten skin and lift face;
6.Remove striae gravidarum and other deep scars.
7.Vaingal tighten and rejuvenation .
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fractional co2 laser treatment:
Ultra pulse fractional co2 laser emits thousands of deep, tiny focal spot columns in your skin, called microscopic treatment zones. These lights penetrate into dermis skin, gasify the tissues around wrinkles and scars in an instant and make a signal of compounding collagen like tissues repair, collagen rearrangement ettc to regain a new fresh and healthy skin of youth.
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