Project Description

Fascia Massager Gun

Working principle: When the fat cells are at 42°–45°, they will slowly dissolve, reduce and decompose.By adjusting the laser energy of the treatment probe, the temperature of the treatment position is raised to 42 ° C to 47 ° C to destroy the fat cells, the surrounding tissue will not be damaged during the treatment, and the contact cooling can improve the comfort and protect the skin. No anesthesia is required for the treatment, it feels almost comfortable, zero recovery period after surgery, no need for massage. After the treatment, the body will naturally metabolize and destroy the damaged fat cells over time, and the best results will be obtained in 6 to 12 weeks.

The 1,060-nm wavelength is highly efficient in delivering laser energy through the skin to the subcutaneous target. Its low affinity for melanin also makes it safe to treat dark skin as demonstrated in this study. High-penetration depth in fat as compared with other wavelengths in the visible to infrared wavelengths creates heat over a larger volume without creating hot spots. The skin is further protected by contact cooling at 15C during treatment.