Project Description

LED Face Shield With 7 Colors

1.Prevent pimples
2. Repair the damaged skin
3. Shrink the pore
4.Whiten and tender skin
5.Regenerate cells
6.Smooth wrinkles
7. Calm skin


1. Easy operation.
2. Non-invasive, no hurt to skin.
3. Suitable for any kind of skin.
4. Detachable and save space.
5. Multiple lights and modes.
6. Calcium supplement light.


Single light mode Lights cycle mode
Red light Red + green light
Green light Red + blue light
Blue light Blue + green light
Purple light Red + green + blue light
Yellow light Red + green + blue + purple + yellow + orange
Calcium supplement light: it can use alone, can use with other lights on the same time.


Product name PDT LED light skin lifting beauty machine
Type LB281
Rated voltage DC 12V
Rated power 36W
Lights quantity 200
Product size(fold) 38*25*19cm
Product size(not fold) 50*25*30cm
Packing size 79.5*56.6*46.6cm
Function skin lifting
Application home use, beauty salon
Key word LED light
Warranty 12 months