Project Description

Moxibustion Therapy Equipment

Moxibustion therapy device origin from China age-old moxibution therapy. It overcomes the problems as smoke, fire,
pollution,apply electric equirement control that use convenient and safe. electric moxibustion device through electric heating moxa, release the active ingredient of Chinese herbal medicine moxa oil, through the medrian acupoint effect on human body base on Chinese medicine medrian theory, achieve effect of clearing dampness and coldness, enrich and nourishing the blood, warm nourishing the meridian. The red light is mainly 600~700μm red light wave band that visible, the wave band has a chemical effect on the organisms, the mitochondria in the cells absorb maximum of red light, so that produce an important biological effect.

It’s the first mutilfunction smoke free electric moxibustion device in domestic, widely use in beauty salon, health club,
household, experience store ect, that’s a popular beauty moxibution therapy device.


Elderly: improve microcirculation and immunity; adjust nerve and incretion function, Reduces the chances of blood clots , Improves the elasticity of arterial walls prevention disease and anti-decrepit

Women: promote female hormone secrete, improve skin micro-circulation and beauty the skin.

Children: improve immunity of children from diseases, enhance the nutrition absorption and digest, Kills many of pathogenic diseases causing bacteria and parasites

Young: promote metabolism, relieve Nervous tension ,reduce fatigue, Stress, and relaxes muscles thereby helping the body make the most of energy.


Internal medicine:
Ulcers, bronchitis, constipation, asthma, diarrhea, Insomnia , hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary heart disease, relieves nervous tension ,Chronic Fatigue , Rheumatism , Diabetes

muscular pain, arthritis, soft tissue sprains, rebuilding of injured tissue ,
relieve Back problems, shoulder, neck , joint stiffness and muscle pain

Skin disease:
herpes zoster, dermatitis, frostbite, burns, eczema, bedsore;

Skin disease:
herpes zoster, dermatitis, frostbite, burns, eczema, bedsore;

wound infection and healing

paediatric pneumonia, mumps

pelvic inflammation;




Spectrum Range 2.5 ~13.5 (μm)Microns
Power Supply 110V 220V ,50Hz
Power Consumption <= 160W
Extension 300- 400mm
Surface Temperature of treatment Plate 50-180 degree adjustable, each press + / – 5 degree
Azimuth (degrees) > 90°
Lifetime of treatment Plate over 2000 hours
Auto-Timer 0 – 60 min , adjustable by + / – , each press + / – 5 min
Storage & transportation Temperature range: -40°C~55°C
Humidity range : ≤80%RH