Project Description

SMA905 Vascular Removal Handpiece

1.There are 8 spot size for option on this handle from 0.7mm-2.5mm
2.Professional and unique design for the handle, the design with radian is closer to the hand touch, while the position of others dont have it.
3.Germany imported lens
4.Our handle piece has built in optical fiber. The optical path is not easy to be damaged in the dust-free environment, reducing the failure rate and ensuring the effective utilization rate of
output light. Make full use of energy.
5.There is no gaps on the end of the handle, and the optical fiber wont be
loosen during operation and treatment, also no way to get in any dust.
6.Under the same condition of equipment parameters, the energy of our handle is 1/3 higher than others.

Function Vascular removal
Connector SMA905
Cable lengths 1.5m
Color Yellow
Ring Thickness 2-7.8mm
Numbers of spot size 8