This is Nicole from Arfurla company. Nice to contact you here! 

We are here to introduce you our another 4 new functions that could worked on our laser 980 1470nm system. 

Actually, there are 10 functions in total you can choose, all those functions with different handles could be worked in the same one laser machine. 

980 1470.jpg


Here are details for all those 10 functions, in future you can add the rest of other functions at any time you want, just buy the new handles will be ok.

So you can just buy the functions you needed at first time.





1470 980


Here is the posters that 5 funtions in 1 laser, like Physical therapy for pain relief, EVLT laser, Vaginal tighteing handle, Teetch Whitening handle, actually for dental handle, there

are still other 3 treatment heads for other functions. If you need details, please contact us freely. And also the hemorrhoids laser treatment fiber.





Here is the details for Dental handle with 4 treatment heads on one handle, like teeth whitening, Soft tissue cutting, 

Bio-stimulation and therapy for pain relief. 



The last one I am going to introdce is the vaginal tightening handle, this is the most advanced technology for intimate treatment skin tightening. 

Compared with the co2 fractional laser for vaginal tightening function, our diode laser has better price and same treatment results after just one treatment time. 

Compared with the HIFU machine for vaginal tighteing, we have the similar price, but higher power and best treatment results after just one treatment time. Also there is consumable on HIFU machine, 

but there is no consumable on our diode laser machine.  YOu can use it all the time. 

From the feedback of one of our clients, her patient improve 40% after just one treatment time. 

If there is more details you need, please feel free to contact me.



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